Ramble On Ron

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Heller Highwater Goes Into The Studio

Tuesday night my band, Heller Highwater, went into the recording studio to lay down a few tracks.  It was so much fun.  We played a few songs including Suzy Greenberg, Mississippi Morning, Fire Eater, Blowin’ in the Wind, and When I Paint My Masterpiece.  The best song that came out of it was Masterpiece.  The […]

One Of The Greatest Scenes From The Godfather

So I was watching one of my favorite movies last night, Scarface, for the 1000th time, and today I was thinking of my favorite movies.  You know the ones that come on TV and you can’t turn them off no matter how many times you’ve seen them.  Goodfellas, Shawshank Redemption, Casino, Scarface, Fast Times at […]

Was It For This My Life I Sought?

Tomorrow night I got the 2nd row center at Phish.  I’ve been seeing these guys since 1991 but have not seen them in about 10 years.  The big venue/stadium tours weren’t for me, but I am pumped to see the boys tear it up tomorrow night.  Plus I am meeting up with a lot of […]

Etail 2009

Our first trip to Etail 2009 was a success!  The Samuelson’s Diamonds team had a great show and I met some nice connections as well.  On Thursday I spoke to a packed room on “Leveraging Social Media to Engage Your Customers”.  It went very well with a big Q & A after.  I may have […]

Happy Birthday Jerry!

Yesterday was Jerry’s birthday – he would have been 67.  I went to see The Bridge and they played a great version of Althea.  Here’s Jerry and the boys doing it.  Check out Jerry’s shiny new custom “tiger” guitar – my favorite. Turn the volume up and enjoy!