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Ron Samuelson may be the most unromantic jeweler in America.

-JCK Magazine

Ron Samuelson, of Samuelson’s Diamonds in Baltimore, says he’s more generous with store credit than cash: “I’m cultivating a customer.” If you’re interested in a swap, visit a jeweler who sells pieces you’d like to wear. And when someone admires your new ring, you can say, “Oh, it’s just a little something they gave me when I turned in my recycling.”

-Money Magazine

Guys in Baltimore have it made. Stop by Samuelson’s Diamonds, and you don’t even have to miss a moment of the big game–if the Ravens are playing, rest assured the game will be on. Owner Ron Samuelson is a third-generation jeweler running his family’s business, first established in 1922. With the business in his blood and decades of experience, he knows that guys don’t need any additional pressure making their purchase decision.

-Engagement 101 Magazine

As if all that weren’t enough, a year ago Samuelson created a Facebook fan page simply called “Diamonds,” that has since amassed 280,000 fans, all of whom he can blast with updates about his business…

-National Jeweler

Ron Samuelson, the scion of the diamond dynasty…reputed to be somewhat excitable, but endearing, Mr. Samuelson also promises to play the video of your favorite song when you come visit the new store, which the family hopes to open later this year.

-Urban Discoveries Blog

Jeweler Ron Samuelson wasn’t expecting much when he started a diamond fanpage on Facebook. Now 200,000+ fans later, Ron and his business are now pioneers in the new way the jewelry industry likes to market online…

-Engagement 101 Magazine

The latest of three generations of Samuelsons has moved the store into the 21st century while keeping it simple…but the options are there: If you want less expensive, they’ve got less expensive. If you want class, there’s that, too. And if you don’t know anything about rings, they won’t make you feel like an idiot. But maybe you were an idiot for getting hitched to begin with. In that event, Samuelson’s isn’t a bad place to sell your ring either…

-Baltimore City Paper

“The crowd I do business with now are very tech-savvy, so we have a full service Web site too, where we drive all our traffic…”

-Baltimore Business Journal

Take Ron Samuelson of Samuelson’s Diamonds in Baltimore, who is as plugged in and logged on as he can be…

-National Jeweler

Ron Samuelson, 36, is still smarting after being unfriended a month ago.

-Wall Street Journal