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Guest Blog Post: To Bid Or Not To Bid

This is an awesome guest blog post by Dana Kiyomura, expert in estate and antique jewelry. Dana has an office in NYC where she buys and sells vintage jewelry and you can follow her on Twitter @winebrilliant. “Bidding at a jewelry auction is time consuming and can be dangerous. First you have to preview the […]

Gold Spot Prices At 1000, What’s Next?

Gold has been floating around $1000 per ounce lately, reaching as high as $1034 and now dipping a little below $1000.  So the big question is where will it go?  Of course I don’t have a crystal ball and neither does Wall Street.  The weaker the dollar, the stronger gold will get. Here’s what some […]

Go Ravens!!

Just a short post to thank the Baltimore Ravens for giving this town a real sports team.  I’ll be hitting a few games this year.  Opening Day tomorrow where we crush the Chiefs! Here’s Joe Flacco working on his game:

The Baltimore Orioles Were My Favorite Team

A couple days ago I was listening to one of my favorite radio stations, WNST. I heard about a great promotion and fundraiser that Nestor and the gang were running called “Save The Birds.” It was pretty simple, as all good promotions should be. The Baltimore Orioles were selling tickets to some upcoming games for […]

Summer Concert Review

As the late, great Jerry Garcia said, “Summer time’s come and gone my oh my.”  And this summer went fast.  I hit a few shows though, both local and national acts, and the results were mixed.  I’m gonna start in the spring. March – Blues Traveler Yeah I folded and thought that they would be […]