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Setting Expectations

I came across a recent situation where a service provider is (constantly) making a mistake that we used to do here at Samuelson’s all the time. It’s all about setting expectations. Here’s an example: Someone wants an engagement ring made. Back in the day, we would do everything we could to do it as fast […]

Treating Your Customers With Dignity and Respect

I was asked to speak at an event last night at my synagogue. The first speaker was the rabbi who was asked to talk about ethics in business. The subject of “when to tip” was the topic of his conversation. Why do we tip the person who takes our luggage out of the car but […]

A Great Customer Testimonial

A great customer who bought her engagement ring from us, trusted us with her jewelry to repair, and recently sold her gold to us just left our best testimonial to date. It was in a blog post, and I want to personally say “thank you” for this and encourage all of our customers to do […]

Rite Of Passage: Bad Yelp Review

About a month ago, I wrote a blog post titled “Looking At Diamonds…And Myself” after an interesting customer experience. That experience, along with my reaction to this guy, landed me a negative Yelp review – click here to check it out. I even ran across Inc Magazine’s article “You’ve Been Yelped” shortly after, which describes […]

Is the Customer Always Right?

I was watching Jeff Bezos on Charlie Rose the other day and there was one quote that really struck me. He was asked about Ebay and other competitors and he said, “Don’t obsess over your competition, obsess over your customers.” I appreciate that and thought about it for a while. The guy is brilliant – […]