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Feinfest 2008, Shrimp Incident

Posted on | September 11, 2008 | No Comments

Wow – two posts in two days! There’s a lot going on around here. Saturday night my band, Heller Highwater, open for The Bridge in a fund raiser for The Dr. Michael Feinglass Cancer Foundation – a great cause in honor of my best friend, Mike, who lost his battle to colon cancer at the age of 30.  Should be a great event. On one hand, I can’t wait. On the other, I want to get it over with. I have a Larry David thing going on with my neurosis. I even had a shrimp argument with the nice people at Joey Chiu’s in Greenspring Station. Apparently when you get carry out, they give you FIVE shrimp. When you eat there, they give SEVEN. What’s up with that? They also leave the tails on which is annoying.  I like a big and ample amount of jumbo shrimp in my Chinese food. Ten is the right number which you will get at Jasmine. I banned Chiu’s for a while, but now I’m back only because it’s so convenient.

Anyway, The Bridge rock. Check em out here