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Diamonds as an Investment

Posted on | October 4, 2008 | No Comments

Stocks are in the toilet, real estate is going down, and even the commodities market is too volatile to stay invested. Our positions in gold and other metals are short term, and I would not recommend holding gold at this point. So what about diamonds? There will always be a demand for them and it’s a safe place to be. Contact me to ask about investing in diamonds – you will make a return on your investment, which is more than any financial adviser, broker, hedge fund manager, or anyone can give you. BIG DIAMONDS are out there and now is the time to buy them right.

Take a look at what Martin Rapaport says about the diamond world. This guy basically makes the market in white diamonds with his monthly publication and the “RAP SHEET” which is the holy grail of diamond pricing. He’ll tell you that he only reports on the diamond market and doesn’t set the prices. I’m not so sure about that one. Anyway, he’s a smart guy who is saying in this video what we’ve been preaching here at Samuelson’s Diamonds. Luxury is a thing of the past! We don’t have a chandelier and we’re not gonna give you an latte when you come in, but we will take care of you and sell you honest value. Check it out:

Now is the time to buy…