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Phish Reunion

Posted on | March 6, 2009 | 2 Comments

So Phish is reuniting in Hampton, VA this weekend.  I used to see Phish back in college – first in 1990 at The Bayou in DC (which has since closed) and then at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta.  Both very small venues.  In Atlanta, you could walk right up to Fishman and then walk back to your seat no problem.  Then I saw them at the Capital Center in ’96 and that was my last show.  I didn’t like them in a bigger venue and the crowd was not that cool – at least not like a Dead Show, which is where my heart is.  Well, I hope my phriends have a great time this weekend anyway.  I would see them if I could fly in on a helicopter, sit backstage and then be home in bed before 12 – but I am an old man.  Either way Trey rips.  Check him out here playing AC/DC Bag.  That’s my call for the opener – you heard it here first.  Why is that song called AC/DC BAG?  Cause that’s the cords – A C D C B A G… – but I have been corrected – it A C D C F A G – but I guess it wouldn’t be very PC so we’ll keep on the DL