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My First Dead Show – RFK Stadium 7/12/1990

Just about nineteen years ago I went to an event that changed my life.  It was my first Grateful Dead show at RFK Stadium.  So I was just graduating high school and I went up to College Park Towers where my sister was living (and sort of going to school) before the show.  Now Ellyn was […]

Here’s What Social Networking Is All About

I never claim to be a Social Media “Evangelist” (whatever that means) like all the whako’s on twitter, but my brother-in-law, David, (who happens to be the CFO down here at Samuelson’s) got a Facebook response that really sums it up.   He posted a link to our Samuelson’s Diamonds Fan Page on his profile and […]

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th everyone – check out this cool video from Jerry, Bobby and Los Lobos.  Enjoy!

Diamond Market Report

Like other financial and commodities markets, today’s diamond market is very volatile and unpredictable.  A lot of companies going into Chapter 11.  That being said, it’s a GREAT TIME to buy or to invest in diamonds.  They will be back!  The market for super high end colored diamonds is still strong and bridal is doing […]