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Here’s What Social Networking Is All About

Posted on | July 11, 2009 | 4 Comments

I never claim to be a Social Media “Evangelist” (whatever that means) like all the whako’s on twitter, but my brother-in-law, David, (who happens to be the CFO down here at Samuelson’s) got a Facebook response that really sums it up.   He posted a link to our Samuelson’s Diamonds Fan Page on his profile and said, “Become a Fan”.  Plain and simple.  Below is the response from a friend:

“I am a fan. I will say pre FB, who would have thought I would be a fan of a jewelry store I have not even been to. Or even just a jewelry store for that matter..Yet I know the history of the store, and watched the footage. Prince on the big screen etc..Even Ron’s Strat…
PS..Ron, go for a Gretch Nashville next…Heaven on Earth!”

There you go.  It’s not about shoving product down people’s throats.  It’s not about selling yourself all the time.  It’s about being yourself and showing everyone your brand and what YOU are all about.  Whether it’s next week or in 10 years, if this guy is ever in the market for a diamond, I think I’ll be on his list.  And even better, maybe we’ll have a jam session!


  • David

    This is the next phase of the web. Where people use technology to just be themselves. As much as anonymity brought a lot of people to the web, human nature still propels people to want to relate to one another. Great post Ron!

  • Ron

    Thanks David!!

  • David and Ron,

    I am on Polygon #22641, with a website and a FB page.

    Where can I go to get the info I need to make greater use of my internet?

    Who looks at my FB other than the friends and family who have signed up?

    Jack Schatzley

  • ron

    Hi Jack,

    If you want the free stuff, I spoke at JCK Las Vegas and I’m speaking at Etail 2009. Also, subscribe to this blog and keep reading. Thanks for the comment!