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Stockbrokers and Business Consultants…Worth It?

Posted on | October 10, 2009 | No Comments

My father always said to me regarding stockbrokers, “If they knew so much they’d be millionaires.”  I get that.  Here these guys are picking stocks for clients and they have no idea what they will do.  That would be like me advising people on what the gold or diamond market will do (and charging them for it).  Well, I don’t have a crystal ball.  The only difference is that when I take a partner in on diamond, it’s a no lose.  I’m buying it for less than the cost of production.

So let’s get back to the theme.


My broker doesn’t pick stocks anymore.  He puts it in diverse investments, handles 401K’s and finds ways to beat the market.  Then again, who the hell has beat the market in the past few years?  Oh yeah, those who bought gold!  So all we can do is stay invested and hope it comes back, or stick money under our pillow and just save it…not such a bad idea given the instability of the past couple years.

Business Consultants:

I do want to try to understand business consultants.  Man they are all over twitter – those “guru’s” with marketing books and videos.  Business consultants that I have come across really blow my mind.  Usually they are people who used to have businesses and failed, so now they tell others what to do.  How can you do this?  I pose the question again, if you’re so smart, why don’t you have an extremely successful business?  Why are you selling air?  Wouldn’t it make sense that if you’re going to advise/speak to people how about to run a business, you are a business owner/executive yourself?  If you run a computer software company, isn’t Bill Gates or an executive at Microsoft gonna be the best person to listen to?  If you run a hardware store, don’t you want to take advice from Arthur Blank?  If I’m running a jewelry store, shouldn’t  I want to hear from Laurence Graff?  That’s who I want to talk to.  Do you get my point?

Maybe it’s me.  Maybe I think I’m too smart for these people.  Or then again maybe I’m too stupid to take advice from others who aren’t business owners.  What do you think?

BTW, I am available for small business owners and jewelry stores looking to get their name out there via Social Media…CAUSE THAT’S WHAT I DO!!