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From Pennsylvania Ave to Wisconsin Ave…

Posted on | March 19, 2011 | No Comments

Monday will be one month since we opened our Washington DC jewelry buying office. It’s going better than expected – WAY better. The neighborhood is unbelievable – just like New York City but in DC. High end shopping, great food, beautiful 6th floor office overlooking Wisconsin Ave, nice people. The customer reaction has been so wonderful. We have received many unsolicited email testimonials from customers on what a good experience they had. Everyone loves it – even my father!

Steve and Paul evaluating silver

Steve and Paul evaluating silver

My father and I work there on Wednesdays and it’s been a nice break from the monotony of every day here in Baltimore. The other day we ate lunch together and it’s really just a pleasure. To think where we came from 90 years ago (on Pennsylvania Ave here in Baltimore) and even 5 years ago, it’s just mind blowing. Not to mention that we’ve bought several diamonds, (LARGE and small) a lot of gold/silver coins and bars, a ton of sterling silver flatware, and other beautiful jewelry. My brother-in-law, David, has been a rock star. Our store manager and expert buyer, Paul, is killing it. The entire Samuelson’s team has done a great job – it’s just so gratifying.

Ron and David

Ron and David

I look forward to being down there more and growing our new DC presence. It’s amazing all the business we’ve done without any street presence, signs, billboards, banners…nothing. Strictly online ads (and videos) and even some repeat business. You can’t even find us on Google maps – but you can on Foursquare! 🙂

Just wait until we really get there – it will only get better! I am determined to buy more gold, silver, estate jewelry and (of course) diamonds than anyone in the DC area while delivering an honest, fair and superior customer experience.

Please make an appointment to stop by and say hello. We would love to see you!