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JCK Las Vegas 2011 – Diamonds Are King!

Posted on | June 10, 2011 | 4 Comments

Interesting weekend we had in Las Vegas for the annual JCK Jewelry Show. This year they held the show at Mandalay Bay which was a much nicer

View from room at Cosmopolitan

View from room at Cosmopolitan

venue than the Sands at Venetian. We stayed over at the new Cosmopolitan. GREAT hotel – best rooms in Vegas by far. All rooms have a terrace so we were overlooking the Bellagio fountains every night. That made it hard to get over to Mandalay though – the Cosmo is right in the middle of the action and there are great restaurants and bars in there like STK, Blue Ribbon Sushi, Milos, Bond, to name a few. You know how Vegas gets, it’s hard to know what you’ll be doing at any given time and we were just going with the flow.

So with all that fun – and the Antiques and Estate Jewelry Show (I worked that show Saturday) across the street at Paris, I only made it to the JCK Show on Sunday.  Then Sunday night there was a big party at Mandalay that I missed, although I may have gone if they had a better act than Bruno Mars (really?). While I had a very successful show, (sold some nice stuff) I did miss out on seeing some industry friends, as I was not around the heart of the show and hotel most of the time. As I flew back, I regretted that – however, I will admit that it was somewhat of a conscious decision. We are doing so many exciting and innovative things around here, I didn’t want to get in any conversations and spill the beans. 🙂

25.09 Fancy Vivid Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond

25.09 Fancy Vivid Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond

Now let’s talk about what I saw in the diamond market. It’s getting very interesting these days as the US is slowly losing it’s status as the world’s largest consumer of diamonds to China and India. With young people in China starting to get more connected and having Western engagements, they will start to consume more diamonds. Not just more but a TON – like billions. India is the other country that has a rising middle class and also a billion people. The Indian diamond dealers are paying big money for stones and buying up as much as they can, often for extremely high prices. Even melee’ prices (diamonds smaller than 1/4 carat) are starting to rise. We are getting paid well for it, and the big stones are moving for big premiums.

How long will this diamond surge last? No one knows, but it looks like a great time to be invested in diamonds, I know I am!