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Found It! Dire Straits, Rotterdam 1978

Posted on | October 10, 2012 | No Comments

This was just picked up by the Associated Press yesterday.

AP (Baltimore) October 8, 2012

Area man Steve Sherman found a copy of Dire Straits Live At Rotterdam 1978 on You Tube and excitedly forwarded  the link to his friend Ronnie Samuelson. The concert featured one of the greatest unknown guitar licks of all time during the song “In the Gallery”.

Samuelson knew the guitar lick well as it was recorded on a compact disc he had purchased in an Athens, Greece flea market during the early 90’s. After listening to the CD with Sherman, Samuelson lent his friend the CD. Shortly thereafter the CD and mythical guitar solo were gone.

Sherman searched for a replacement CD, but he could not locate another of the bootleg recordings. Samuelson gave Sherman grief several times a year for the past 17 years and they lamented the lost piece of music. It was assumed to be lost forever. Until today. The lost lick is at 24:54 but you should listen to a minute before. Bonus – try 39:37 in Sultans of Swing for an extra tasty morsel.