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Grateful Dead Soldier Field July 3-5, 2015 – WOW!

Posted on | July 8, 2015 | No Comments

laura and ronWell, I guess dreams really do come true. I started a blog post before I left that I never finished titled, “Is This Really Happening? The Grateful Dead With Trey?” Well it happened and this could have been the best musical experience of my life.

Here’s how the post before I left started:

“How many Phish shows have I craved a Grateful Dead cover? Never got one. So when the announcement came for the DEAD50 Anniversary shows at Soldier Field, I was all in. The “warm up” shows were promising, not perfect, but great. I will write a full review when I get back. So far, Trey hasn’t FULLY let loose, but he’s getting there. The major similarity between Trey and Jerry is the peaks and valleys that they take you through. I think the technical term is CRESCENDO:

Will report back after my trip – enjoy!”

Boy did they deliver. Trey was unbelievable – he really let loose and took us on those crescendos. Bobby was on his game, the vibe was just so perfect, I can’t even explain it. This was a dream come true for me. Great friends, great music, great city – I am still high from it. I can’t even write a full review of these shows because I can’t put into words how great they were, and I’m not willing to critique every note and every flaw. The professional videos are not out yet but here’s a great one that gives you the vibe of the crowd: