Ramble On Ron

Diamonds, Music and other Facets of Life

You Gotta Be Lucky

My grandfather used to tell my father every day, “You gotta be lucky”.  My father used to wonder to himself, “Why is he telling me this every single day?” Well, because it’s true. My father is realizing it as he gets older, seeing his friends get older and some becoming sick.  I am realizing it […]

The Important Things in Life

I just lost a buddy of mine and it makes me think about the stuff my grandparents always used to say.  Back when I was younger, they would always say stuff like, “If you got health, you got wealth” and “As long as you have your health” and other lessons that Jewish grandparents tell you […]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year – this is what it’s all about – take a look at my little slugger: Untitled from mbarnstein on Vimeo.