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Summer Time’s Come and Gone…

Not a lot out of Ramble On Ron lately but a lot of exciting developments for Samuelson’s Buyers in the fall. For now, check out a smokin’ US Blues from Jerry and the boys (Bobby and his short shorts) at Rich Stadium 7/4/89.

Grateful Dead, Ramble On Rose, Copenhagen 4/17/72

My very first blog post was Ramble On Rose from 6/26/94. Check this one out from 4/17/72 and enjoy!

Grateful Dead Terrapin Station 4-27-77

I have some posts cued up but of course I’m Lost in Transactions right now, so I’ll throw a video up – Terrapin Station from the Capitol Theater 4-27-77. This Spring Tour was the best few months The Grateful Dead ever played. “The story teller makes no choice. Soon you will not hear his voice. […]

Thank You Jerry Garcia

This week is Jerry week. It was Jerry Garcia’s birthday (he would have been 68) on August 1st and he died on August 9, 1995. Thank you Jerry.

The Grateful Dead Created Social Networking

Way before the internet, facebook, twitter, blogs, and the idea of “sharing content” across your network , The Grateful Dead were sharing their music with fans across the world through tapes, not computers. They were one of the first bands to allow and actually encourage taping of their live shows. How often did you go […]

Furthur Review – Radio City 2/24/10

I had the pleasure of seeing Furthur up in NYC at Radio City with a buddy. Here’s the setlist: 02/24/10 (Wed)  Radio City Music Hall – New York City, NY Set 1: Jam, Truckin’, Dire Wolf, Mama Tried, Althea, Brown Eyed Women, Till the Morning Comes, Music Never Stopped, Touch of Grey Set 2: Uncle […]

If You Get Confused, Listen To The Music Play

Things are slowly moving forward around here.  We got knocked out by the snow, but the diamonds are still coming in.  We just cut a 4.60 carat round diamond into a 3.63 fancy yellow radiant cut that’s now at the lab.  I will post some pix of a before and after very soon. For now, […]

Sure Don’t Know What I’m Going For, But I’m Gonna For It For Sure

Happy New Year!  It was a great year for me personally and for Samuelson’s Diamonds.  We are growing as a company in all directions both locally and online.  In my first post of 2010, what better video to post than one of the Grateful Dead’s most meaningful songs, Saint of Circumstance.  This was performed at […]

Happy Birthday Jerry!

Yesterday was Jerry’s birthday – he would have been 67.  I went to see The Bridge and they played a great version of Althea.  Here’s Jerry and the boys doing it.  Check out Jerry’s shiny new custom “tiger” guitar – my favorite. Turn the volume up and enjoy!

Grateful Dead, Omni Atlanta, 3-30-94

This was my senior year of college down at Emory U. I remember this Here Comes Sunshine opener specifically – sitting in the 4th row center with my buddy Ryan. Got mail order and got lucky for this show. Jerry still rips here – I love it and wish I could be back there in […]

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