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Sure Don’t Know What I’m Going For, But I’m Gonna For It For Sure

Posted on | January 7, 2010 | 2 Comments

Happy New Year!  It was a great year for me personally and for Samuelson’s Diamonds.  We are growing as a company in all directions both locally and online.  In my first post of 2010, what better video to post than one of the Grateful Dead’s most meaningful songs, Saint of Circumstance.  This was performed at Giants Stadium 6/17/91.  Note Bruce Hornsby on piano and Jerry’s horn effect which he used so well in my first blog post where I posted a brilliant “Ramble On Rose” video.  I was not at this show but I was at the show right before it at RFK 6/14/91 where they opened the second set with Help->Slip->Franklin’s, and of course a great Jack-A-Roe->Big River->Maggies Farm in the middle of the first set.  (available on DVD “View From The Vault II”)  This was a great run of shows which was the summer right after my first show on 7/12/90 that I talked about in a previous blog post. Anyway, listen to the words in this song.  They are very inspiring and they inspire me grow and evolve to have an even better 2010.