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Unfriended on Facebook – Compliment or Diss?

So I friend requested a jeweler in the Midwest, has a big luxury store, Rolex, Cartier, the whole deal. He also likes music and is a third generation family business, like me. I said that in my request and an hour later he accepted. Then I look on my page the next day and I’m […]

The Big Diamonds Still Sell

Check out what happened yesterday at Christie’s New York… NEW YORK (AFP) — Two giant diamonds sold for more than six million dollars at auction Wednesday to a Middle Eastern buyer, bucking a wave of gloom that has taken the shine off luxury sales. The Ponahalo diamonds, mined in South Africa and named after a […]

Diamonds as an Investment

Stocks are in the toilet, real estate is going down, and even the commodities market is too volatile to stay invested. Our positions in gold and other metals are short term, and I would not recommend holding gold at this point. So what about diamonds? There will always be a demand for them and it’s […]

Crazy Times in the Jewelry World

The jewelry industry, like most other retail sectors, is really feeling the hit of this economy. Check out this article about the what the wealthy want to spend this Christmas. Nothing makes sense. Of course retail sales are pretty slow, but in this economy there is money to be made if you can lay out […]