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Samuelson’s Finalist in Contest for Best Online Ad

Posted on | May 9, 2009 | No Comments

We were honored to be chosen as a Finalist in National Jeweler’s Best Online Advertising contest:

Samuelson’s Diamonds, a Baltimore, Md.-based retail jeweler, was chosen as a finalist in the contest for its use of a viral marketing campaign.

The brand created a Facebook fan page simply called “Diamonds,” so that anyone searching for that term could become a fan, thus expanding the retailer’s exposure to a global audience.

The page currently counts more than 260,000 fans worldwide, with diamond enthusiasts in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and everywhere in between connecting with the retailer.

Samuelson’s adds frequent posts, updating its friends on giveaways and photos of new diamond designs that link fans over to Samuelson’s own Web site, SamuelsonsDiamonds.com.”

Here is the full article.  Now the winner was ok, but to me just another flash website from NYC.   But, hey, I’m just a diamond guy from Baltimore so what do I know?  We were honored to get a mention and the good news is that we’re getting some recognition for our Diamonds Fan Page. (currently in the top 30 fan pages in the fashion category)

Look for some more great stuff on the way soon!