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My Advice to Mark Zuckerberg

Posted on | June 13, 2009 | 3 Comments

On another Facebook note, I’ve been following the story of Holocaust denial groups allowed on Facebook, and after the recent killing in DC at the Holocaust Museum it’s resurfaced.  Here’s a link to Brian Cuban’s open letter to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook.  I agree with Brian on this one.  Here’s my take on it.  Zuckerberg is Jewish.  He’s listed as Atheist on his Wikipedia profile, but if this were 1942 in Eastern Europe, he’d be on his way to Auschwitz just like the rest of us. I’ll forgive the fact that he scheduled his Vanity URL auction on Friday night, so observant Jews had ZERO chance of getting their URL until Saturday night.  Hey, I eat lobster so I got mine.  But as a Jew, I would not allow any hate groups on my sites – whether it’s Neo-Nazi, Anti-Israel, whatever.  I proudly delete that stuff off my fan page.  And if you have a racist or anti-semitic comment to make on this blog, I have the right to delete that too.  The argument is this “Free Speech” nonsense.  If that were the case why not have nudity on network TV?  (wait now that might be cool IF I DIDN’T HAVE KIDS)  Why won’t Facebook allow porn?  Why not have racist TV commercials or programs on NBC?  That’s free speech right?  The fact is that Facebook is a privately owned website and Zuckerberg has the right and should exercise his right to take any anti-semitic or racist groups off of his site.  They took a few off but the comments of Facebook representative Barry Schnitt are scary.  Domino’s Pizza is ready to pull their ads, and more will follow.

Brother Mark, I love your site and it’s helped me out a ton, but do the right thing.  After all, we’re fraternity brothers.  You were in AEPi (a Jewish fraternity) just like me.  You grew up in in New York just like my wife, all of my AEPi friends and everyone else I know.  You went to Harvard and created Facebook with Dustin Moskovitz.  Facebook kicks ass and you did it.  Don’t let the lawyers, advisors and investors persuade you…


  • Guy’s younger than me; I don’t know that he even understands this whole thing. Plus, ‘hate speech’ cuts both ways. I’ve heard some stories about how folks got dragged into Kangaroo courts in Canada by Islamic rights groups over reproducing offensive comments made by European Muslim leaders. I think, Ezra Pound was one?

    Also, it’s possible they want Facebook to feel like a ‘medium’ – Google does not erase hate sites from their listings, if Facebook wants to compete it has to get closer and closer to Google.

    Hard to decide what the status quo ought to be – how many millions are on Facebook? Any decision could affect 1000’s, even millions.

  • David

    Unfortunately, many people turn their backs on their own cultures. Look at athletes and actors who make big money and don’t give back, just spend everything on themselves. Fb needs to be more thoughtful about how it handles these types of delicate situations and take a stand against hate. There is just no excuse to act otherwise. Thanks for the post!