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Tip: Why You Should Have An Outside Admin On A Facebook Event Page

Posted on | December 14, 2009 | No Comments

Just a quick tip that I figured out this weekend.  We’re having a Holiday Party down at Samuelson’s Diamonds and of course I created an event on Facebook for it.  This event was created off of our Samuelson’s Diamonds Fanpage.  As an admin of my fan page, I can edit the event, but there is one very important thing that I cannot do…message (email) all of the invited guests.  I can only send an “update” to my fans about the event, which is pretty useless because no one reads updates.  I made my wife an admin of the event and she can send emails to the guests.

So that’s my tip of the day.  Make another person outside your organization (like a spouse) an admin on your events.  Facebook does some very quirky things and this is one of them.  Another tip – I made my wife an admin from the get go so she could send emails and not me.  Why?  Because people respond to women better than guys like me sending emails about diamonds and parties!  Trust me, it works…