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Do You Mix Messages On Social Networks?

Posted on | August 5, 2010 | No Comments

I got a message on LinkedIn from a friend/relative that he thought my LinkedIn posts were having a negative impact on my business, as LinkedIn is a different platform than Facebook. Well, for a while I’ve had my twitter feed go to LinkedIn. Never turned it off, and don’t really check LinkedIn much, so have it on auto pilot with a blog feed (which I think is ok) and twitter feed (too much). So I get it, it’s annoying. I never like it when people link Facebook and Twitter – it gets to be too much.

So is mixing messages ever a good idea? I’ve had my Foursquare and Twitter access off and on – I still can’t figure that one out, even after I wrote this post, “Foursquare or Stalkersquare?”. What do you think? Do you use sites like ping.fm to update all of your networks or use them all differently? Which go together like chocolate and peanut butter?

Now I really appreciate honest, no BS feedback, but one more thing that is also interesting. Aside from impacting business relationships, when does this stuff impact personal or family relationships? Because unfortunately, the message didn’t start out with, “How’s the family” or “Seen any good music lately?”

So what do you think, mix your updates or keep them separate?