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If You’re Gonna RIP Someone, Make Sure They’re Dead!

Posted on | January 24, 2012 | 3 Comments

Are you Facebook friends with one of those people who has to be the FIRST to “RIP” someone as soon as they die? It’s like a contest to report the news first. It’s a pet peeve of mine. It’s so annoying that people feel the urge to report the news first on Facebook or Twitter just to get attention. Wouldn’t it be really embarrassing to “RIP” someone when they’re not dead yet?

Nelson Hepburn

Nelson Hepburn AKA Brian Cuban

Well a guy named Brian Cuban did that the other day with Joe Paterno. That name may sound familiar to you because he’s the brother of billionaire entrepreneur and Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban. He reminds me of Martin Short’s SNL character in the skit “Lifestyles of the Relatives of the Rich and Famous” where he played Nelson Hepburn, Katherine Hepburn’s cousin who sells hot dogs in Central Park. It’s hysterical. (I could not find the video) If you google the word “tool”, Brian Cuban’s picture should come up. Let me tell you why.

I became fb friends with him after he wrote a letter to Mark Zuckerberg condemning Holocaust denial groups on Facebook. I am Jewish and very pro Israel and when I wrote this blog post in July of 2009 agreeing and applauding Brian, he reposted it and we became connected, etc. So for the past 2 1/2 years, I’ve seen his endless banter on Facebook and RIP’s to everyone, and I dealt with it. After all, he’s a relative of the rich and famous.

The other day I see a status update, from Brian, “Joe Paterno passes away at the age of 85” – this was Saturday night and Joe died Sunday. Then there were five more posts from him blasting CBS for running the story too early etc, etc.

I commented on his update. I can’t do a screen shot since he unfriended me but it went something like this:

“Why did you post this? Just to be the first guy to say that he died?”

I got this response:

“I posted it because CBS ran the story so fuck off”

Then he unfriended me so I couldn’t reply. I guess he didn’t know that I invented the word unfriending. (literally)

So I went over to twitter and messaged him – below is the conversation – start from the bottom:

Conversation with Brian Cuban

This is a guy who, according to his bio, “is a Dallas attorney and speaker in the areas of the 1st Amendment and hate speech on the internet…” He even wrote a book about hate speech and social media. WOW! What a hypocrite. He called me an idiot, ass and a tool. I stooped to his level only once but it was “schmuck” and Yiddish doesn’t count.

After this exchange I looked around twitter and found that I am not alone. Whenever someone questions him, he curses them out and blocks them. What a baby.

So I’m just telling it like it is. Now he’s all into Paterno after he was “embarrassed to be a Penn State alum” when the whole debacle started. I just saw him bumble and stutter through a TV interview and he’s one of those guys that can’t talk like a normal person – he can only hide behind the computer. This guy is a complete lunatic. (and a Steelers fan, go figure) Keep riding those coattails Brian!