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JCK Las Vegas Jewelry Show 2012

Posted on | June 9, 2012 | No Comments

Colored diamonds

Colored diamonds galore

I usually give a rundown of my show experience in Las Vegas every June. Last year, we saw strong diamond prices and strong demand. This year, I felt like prices were a little softer in diamonds but not in other categories like luxury and watches. The show was pretty crowded and people seemed to be buying. I also attend the Antiques Show at Paris every year where there is more trading and action going on between dealers – at the JCK Show it’s really just designers taking orders from retailers.

Fancy Yellows

Fancy Yellow Anyone?

There was certainly not a lack of inventory, especially from diamond companies. It’s really amazing how much goods flow through the floor. These guys obviously have enough cash to hold onto diamonds and wait for their price, so that’s a good sign that they believe the market will remain strong. Check out the colored diamond bracelets and even the loose parcels displayed above and the larger fancy yellow diamond rings on the right. These were only a couple booths of thousands, so you can imagine how much there is to see.

Laura and Ron

Laura and Ron

However, the best part of Vegas was being with my wife to celebrate her 40th birthday. You never know who you run into on the casino floor. We saw some good friends and we partied like we were 20 and paid for it for the next week! But it was worth it – I worked 2 days and relaxed 2 days. Having fun is the most important thing and we did. So bye-bye Vegas until next year and Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife Laura!