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A Lesson in Sales

Posted on | November 20, 2012 | No Comments

Several years ago, when we had the pawnshop, I learned a valuable sales lesson from my father. We had a great guitar, a Fender Stratocaster, for sale. An old customer who doesn’t play guitar picked it out and brought it to the counter to purchase it. I got bent out of shape about it. If you read this blog, you know I’m a guitar player, so I wanted this to go to a guitar player who would put it to good use, not a schmo who didn’t even play. My father said to me, “What’s the difference if he buys it, take its out of the store and throws it in the gutter? He’s paying our price.” And that’s true. As a salesperson, don’t be concerned with what happens to a piece after you sell it, just make the sale.

This lesson probably resonates more when we are BUYING diamonds, jewelry, and especially sterling silver flatware from our customers. A common question is, “You aren’t gonna melt my family’s silver, are you?” I used to dodge the question. Now, I’m brutally honest with people. The real answer to the question is if we’re giving a great price (with silver at $33 an ounce the prices are very high) what’s the difference where it goes after you sell it? It may get sold to a customer who uses it every day, or it may get thrown in the scrap pile.

Another lesson a diamond dealer told me – after you sell something don’t look back. It’s gone, you got your price, so move on to the next deal. In other words, if you’re treated fairly, like we treat everyone at Samuelson’s, make the deal and forget about it.

So remember this Holiday Season, if you want to sell your diamonds, jewelry, silver flatware or engagement rings, we will treat you with the utmost fairness and respect – what happens to the life of your piece is a mystery…