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Moving Day is Monday, Facebook iPhone App Works

Posted on | June 5, 2009 | No Comments

We’ve been super busy moving ALL of our stuff outta here. Vegas was very nice – Santana 3rd row was a highlight. Facebook Party and show were great too. The most productive part of the show might have been my visit to the Apple Store. My Facebook app has not loaded since I got my phone, which has really sucked. I have the newest 16gig, 3G, etc etc. Well the windup is that my iTunes was not updated to the 2.2 version. So when I got back, I updated my iTunes, synched my phone and bam – it works.

So there’s your tip if your iPhone Facebook app is not working. Go your iTunes and upgrade to the newest version. Hope it helps.

New store is Monday!! Check out our sign that went up today, a cool pic of Santana from the Hard Rock 5/31/09, and good times with friends at Tao in Vegas.

new store!

Here it is!

Santana Live Vegas 5/31/09

Santana Live Vegas 5/31/09

A motley crew

A motley crew