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Blue Nile vs Local Jeweler Video

Posted on | October 9, 2010 | 2 Comments

I made this cool video the other day and got a nice reaction from it, especially from my friends in the jewelry industry. It’s a common conversation between a diamond retailer and an internet shopper.

The emails and comments that I received from people in the industry is that they loved it and it was right on. I also got some comments from Blue Nile customers that they were satisfied with their ring and with Blue Nile. Please know that I am not knocking Blue Nile in this video. Can’t knock a successful company, competitor or not. Blue Nile is the biggest and baddest and I respect their business. They are commoditizing diamonds which isn’t such a bad thing, and they have actually helped my business.

I am making a statement about today’s customers. In fact, you may remember this post, “Looking at Diamonds…and Myself”, that got me my bad yelp review, which was the inspiration for this video.

I am also making a statement about jewelers today and how to handle customers. It’s not like the old days, so us jewelers need to change with the times. We must learn to provide value beyond the etailers in order to survive – plain and simple. I think buying diamonds for stock (and not on consignment from dealers) is one way to beat diamond etailers all day.

Oh yeah, and if you bought a Blue Nile diamond and want to sell it, please contact me! 😉